Yesterday's Blues


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“Yesterday’s Blues” by Wyatt Grant. A series of 40 of his original works risograph printed by Sunroom and compiled in a handbound book for the occasion of the “Yesterday’s Blues” show at RFI Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.
"from the decorated future,
roaming mid century spectres,
and their tangram memories
„what to do with yesterday’s blues?“
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 0.75"
Materials: Screen printed chip board cover, risograph ink on paper & card stock, bound by waxed thread

(Ukrainian Village)

Sunroom is a Chicago-based print studio, independent label, and online archive developed and maintained by Clare Byrne and Jacob Stolz. It serves as a collaborative vessel for art and music, giving them an excuse to work with artists they love and providing them with opportunities to publish their boldest, strangest, sometimes amorphous creative work. A lot of times their projects are just finding fun, new ways to use their risograph printer and other vintage electronics. Clare is a practicing artist and designer. Jacob is a videographer and musician who plays in bands Discus, Pool Holograph, Varsity, and Central Heat Exchange.