Value Prints: LATITUDE

Value Prints: LATITUDE

March 28 - April 31
Buddy at Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St.

Public reception:
Saturday, April 15, 3-7 PM

 LATITUDE, Chicago’s premier community print lab, celebrates community practices withValue Prints, a group photography show and print sale featuring the work of nine Chicago-based artists, on-view March 31 through April 28. Featuring the work of artists Ash Dye, Allison Parssi, Maria Dunaevsky, Ryan Edmund Thiel, Ben Herbert, Jon Wes, Emile Plunkett, Keanna Rose Boyko and Lucia Calderon  Arrieta, works included in Value Prints assign worth to intimacy, vulnerability and identity through photographs, prints on fabric, and images made sculptural. “When asked about what we hold dear––the people we love, our community, our environment––we go through a process of assigning value,” said Diego Rodriguez, curator of Value Prints. “Making a picture and resulting print holds makes the precious permanent and pushes against an intangible digital world.”

To hold a printed work is to push against an intangible digital world. LATITUDE provides access to the technology and knowledge  that allows artists to self- produce sustainably. By showcasing the work of staff who run the space, volunteers that support the space,  and DIY users that flourish within its access, LATITUDE members support one another by embracing a possibility that is wholly unique to Chicago.

The show culminates in a reception April 15, against the backdrop of EXPO CHICAGO. Amidst a large-scale, international art fair, Value Prints is an offering that is wholly unique to Chicago.

Curated by  Diego Rodriguez 
Diego Rodriguez (he/him) is an artist and writer based in Chicago, IL. Diego uses writing and photography to absorb and record the pauses of life. If science and nature are concrete elements in our world, his images and poetry record dynamic relationships and bodies as proof and elements for study. He’s written and shown work at Roman Susan, Happy Gallery, and Filter Photo in Chicago as well as for various online and print publications. Diego is the Lab Technician at Latitude.


(West Town)

LATITUDE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in the West Town area of Chicago. LATITUDE maintains a community digital lab with high-end scanning and printing equipment, C41 film processing, operates an artist in residence program, and organizes regular education & arts programming.