Buddy MFG: Piñatas

In the spirit of the celebration of spring and perhaps a more open, safe, and healthy world, Buddy is proud to present BUDDY MFG: Piñatas. BUDDY: MFG is a program within the Buddy store whose mission is to link local contemporary artists and manufacturers to create products that otherwise may not have been, while supporting our local businesses. For this project, Buddy worked with artists Sarita Garcia, Haylie Jimenez, Sydnie Jimenez, Leo Kaplan, Jesse Malmed, Ben Marcus, and Chloe Perkis to create piñata designs that have been fabricated by Reyna Gonzalez at Dulceria La Fiesta in Rogers Park, and Piñatas Fanny and Aras Dulce Michoacan both in Albany Park.

Piñatas are made using the cartonería (in Spanish) or papier-mâché (French) method of sculpting using often recycled paper and glue. Here, the artists designed and sometimes finished, leaving the piñateros the role of shaping the objects. The history of the pinata can be traced to Central American indigenous traditions that were influenced by similar customs brought to the Amerias by 16th century Spanish missionaries via China. In all iterations of the piñata tradition, they are displayed and broken open in acts of celebration. These joyous, collaborative art objects will be for sale at the Buddy shop through May.

Friday, April 8, 5:00 - 8:00 PM
Chicago Cultural Center, 1st Fl. South
78 E. Washington St. 
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