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Did you know that Buddy is a non-profit shop in the Chicago cultural center that's run by a small (3-5 people to be exact!) but mighty team?We are consistently working hard on each and every order,customer inquiry,outreach,fairs/markets,programming,cultural center events, and vendor relationships, in order to bring the Chicagoland community closer together. If we take a little bit longer to respond, or get an order out to you, it's probably because we’re working hard on the many different roles it takes to keep Buddy going! We can’t express enough how much we appreciate your patience and understanding while we make sure every person is taken care of, and we can’t wait to share all the new artworks and programming with you! 

General Inquiries:

Visit us at:
78 E. Washington Ave.
Chicago, IL 60602

Public Media Institute
3219 S Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60608