Art 4 Sale Exhibitions

Art 4 Sale is Buddy’s series of curated exhibitions dedicated to specific themes, artists, products, and organizations that will rotate periodically throughout the year. Until we can welcome guests into our Cultural Center store, Art 4 Sale will function as an online exhibition series with safe and distanced outdoor openings when possible. 

Psychoanalyst animals scares commentator, current cartoon improved.
June 2 - July 11th at Buddy, Chicago Cultural Center S/N Saturday & Sunday 2-3PM sound series in store at Buddy


A group exhibition with Gregory Bae, Sungho Bae, Kikù Hibino, Thomas K. Kong, Liang Luscombe, Yae Jee Min, Dao Nguyen Curated by Gregory Bae

Pocket Object
April 16th, Online exhibition at
Ongoing in person at Buddy, Chicago Cultural Center in June

Buddy presents Pocket Object, a traveling exhibition of small, keychain-based editions by over 200+ national & international artists. Pocket Object asks artists across multiple disciplines and mediums to each produce a small edition of keychain-sized objects available for cheap purchase. The tiny totems are meant to jangle on your hip, tumble in a tote, or simply be a small scale reminder of the practice of a favorite artist or friend. This iteration presents 98 artists currently or formerly based in Chicago and beyond. The small, dangling works are each priced at under $100 and explore the endless variability of small scale sculpture. The scaled editions are meant to be hitched to your car keys and co-mingled with your stack of rewards cards. Mobile works coming to an art space near you. The traveling exhibition is organized by Chicago-based artist Noël Morical, who began macrameing small keychains six years ago as a way to scale down her practice for work trades and friend gifts. Pocket Object is an expansion of this expression, an affordable way to purchase work while supporting your favorite artist’s practice.


2 Boldly GoKirk/Spock Slash Fan Art from the Collection of Barbara P. Gordon
Originally organized by Jenson Hillenbrand for Co-Prosperity, Jan. 2020

All works now for sale online at Buddy

Buddy is proud to host the second iteration of To Boldly Go as the second installment of our Art 4 Sale exhibition series. Born from deep space passions left unspoken, “K/S” or “Spirk” stories and art emerged in 1974 from often-anonymous members of the Star Trek fandom. They compiled and mailed their creations far and wide in typewritten, photocopied publications long before there was an internet for slash fiction to blossom within. This collection represents one of the largest accumulations of original Kirk/Spock drawings ever publicly exhibited from the collection of the slash fiction artist and writer Barbara P. Gordon (pseud.), acquired by Jenson Hillenbrand at auction. Buddy is honored to host this body of truly unique and historically vital paintings and drawings and offer the possibility for you to welcome one into your own collection.


Art 2 Go
Online exhibition and in-person distanced viewing
after November 29, 2020
3219 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL

Featuring work by Kayla Anderson, Mel Chin, Shir Ende, Hyun Jung Jun, Leo Kaplan, Mike Lopez, Jesse Malmed, Parsons & Charlesworth, and George Porteus, Art to Go offers art that is designed to be taken to go and completed at your home. Kits, coloring books, food as art, and objects that require your activation will be offered for sale by mail and at a one night opening. Inspired by elaborate, several-coursed meals offered by many restaurants since the COVID pandemic began, this take-out art also requires instructions and asks you to participate in its completion before you can consume it.