Wood Block Neckpieces

Kang Mankey

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Bold, colorful, geometric, adjustable length, power accessories that punch up any look. Current inventory not pictuured, please message us for details. 
Dimentions: Adjustable

MaterialsWooden beads, paracord and bungee balls

Kang Mankey
(Kilbourn Park)

Gurtie Hansell AKA Kangmankey is an interdisciplinary artist and designer of genderqueer streetwear based in Chicago. They subvert the expectation that so-called "gender neutral" clothing is all masculine coded some way. Instead, they put all gender expressions front and center for everyone to explore. A self-described Craft Store Goth, Gurtie creates "Gender Non-Specific Wearables for Your Gorgeous Spectrumful Ass!!!"