Winter 2021 Issue: Infra-Structured: America In Progress

The Documentarian

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For this third issue, “Infra-structured: America in Progress,” The Documentarian editors asked contributors to think about this current time when everything feels “in progress.” We are still in the middle of a pandemic, climate-related disasters continue, and we face
uncertainties. Those who wrote, illustrated, and photographed for this issue produced such incredible work which frames identity, cities, and infrastructures in progress. The myriad of complexities surrounding a city; the in-between, grey spaces, uncertain and shifting; thoughts on cities being built, or simply being, and their perpetual transitions caught in a glimpse of architectural possibilities.
8 x 10", 42 pages
Materials: Magazine, full color images. 

The Documentarian
(Lincoln Square)

The Documentarian is a small magazine based in Chicago, focused on critical and original documentation in numerous forms; through writing, sound, photography and other mediums.