Wave Function by Coco M. Keehl

Ursus Americanus Press

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A work of short fiction published by Ursus Americanus Press. That our bodies (and everything they touch) are malleable collections of particles, that time and our perception of it are fictions, that location is only fixed by semiotics are ever-compounding propositions of sciences both hard and soft. In Coco M. Keehl’s WAVE FUNCTION, these very propositions are broken open across the page, subjectivity is magnified to its molecule, spacetime is breached by the poem’s ability to trespass modes of containment.
Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.5", 52 pages
Materials: Softcover book

Ursus Americanus Press

Publishers of beautiful weirdos: Ursus Americanus Press is a small publishing company based in Chicago and New York.