The Wheel of the Year

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An interactive guide to ancient, nature-based holidays and customs. Through themed meditations, crafts, and rituals, young readers can learn about old and new ways of honoring the seasons—and create their own!

Each “spoke” in The Wheel of the Year marks an important turning point: the winter and summer solstices, the spring and fall equinoxes, and the festivals of seeding, growing, and harvesting that arrive in between. Within each section, enjoy:
*An overview of the holiday and its significance in cultures around the world
*A sensory scavenger hunt for sights, sounds, and smells the season
*Ideas for a seasonal altar using objects from nature
*Themed crafts, rituals, games, and recipes

Dimensions: 8.4  x 10.4", 244 pages
Materials: Hardcover book

Fiona Cook
(McKinley Park)

Fiona Cook is a writer and visual artist working in Chicago. She is a mother and union home health care worker. Her debut book THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR (illustrated by Jessica Roux) is a New York Times bestseller. Fiona is inspired by the magic, mystery, and mischief of our planet Earth and draws from that relationship in her work.