Illinois Nature Block Print Tea Towels

Current Location Press

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Each tea towel is small-batch dyed using natural dye and then block printed using durable oil-based ink.
This towel features a hand-carved wood block of a white pine forest scene from a series of prints & towels based on state parks in Illinois - they each represent a specific landscape found in the region.
Dimensions: 28 x 29"
Materials: 100% cotton, natural dyes

Colors vary, please contact us to inquire about colors at


Current Location Press
(Ravenswood and Lincoln Square)

Current Location Press is an eco-conscious letterpress studio using traditional hand-set type and block printing. Our one-woman operation features Midwest landscapes, urban horticulture, and community engagement in a variety of pieces ranging from fine art prints to greeting cards, naturally dyed & printed tea towels to small printed ephemera.