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The mission of STOCK is to encounter, exchange, and transform the conversations we have about food in Chicago and the broader Midwest.

In this issue, we’re celebrating the next generation, such as beloved farms and restaurants passed down within a family, or the kids who broke off to do their own thing. In the abstract sense, we’re also learning about older concepts refreshed by new energy: enduring home cookery methods take on new life, while today’s pop-ups prioritize mutual aid and shake the dust off the clubby underground dinners of yore.

Please consider this volume to be an open letter. We are asking you to participate, interrogate, and interact with this work. Chicago has a great tradition of mainstream and independent media, but as we grow, we hope to supplement these established and platformed voices with work from new and emerging writers, artists, farmers, manufacturers, vendors, and other essential contributors to our regional food culture.

STOCK is not a proclamation of what is important, commendable, or noteworthy—it’s an invitation to the community to weigh in on the subject.

Dimensions: 170 X 250 mm
Materials: 66 pages - Saddle stitched and trimmed

Public Media Institute

Public Media Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3, community-based art & culture organization with a mission to create, incubate and sustain innovative and equitable cultural programming through it is our core programming platform: Lumpen Magazine, Co-Prosperity, Lumpen Radio, and Buddy, Enduring community partnerships, including those with Maria’s Community Bar, Kimski, and Marz Community Brewing bring expanded audiences for culture, journalism, and politics while helping us feed and celebrate with our neighbors.