Stacked Books from the Bibliophia Series

Laurie Rubin

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Books can provide a glimpse in to the life of another person and another time. The Bibliophilia Series are an exploration of relationships between these piles. Some compositions are designed solely to celebrate the books’ sculptural qualities, in which the books never quite reveal their original purpose. Other times the narrative, such as “French Guidebooks” or “Summer Reading”, groups a collection, where once the books are shelved these relationships are broken. More of this series can be seen at
Dimensions: 21 X 17"
Materials: Offset lithography

Laurie Rubin 
(Wicker Park)

Laurie Rubin became a photographer by default. She enrolled in art school, so that they would have a career to fall back on in the event that my waitress career hit a stall. Fortunately for diners everywhere, they are gainfully employed on a variety of advertising, editorial and motion projects. Current obsessions include: investigating the narrative and drama of the everyday object, historical artifacts, and The Search for Amelia Earhart. Recent exhibits include Liberia Galleria Il Museo del Louvre in Rome, Loyola University, Chicago Art Source Northwestern University and the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia.