Nemegata - Hycha Wy Vinyl


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Upon his arrival to the states, Victor-Andres Cruz “El Guámbito” found refuge and a profound sense of identity rooted in the rhythms and folklore of his native Colombia . Raised as an amalgamation between the Colombian countryside, Florida, New England and New York City, Victor created a voice and a place where all worlds converge. Now setting up base in Austin, Texas, Victor has joined forces with Fabian Rincon and Cesar Valencia to launch this debut LP a far reaching exploration into the many channels of influence by these 3 artists. Fusing elements of psychedelic rock with traditional call and response chants, acid-drenched landscapes all swelling into what is without a doubt a sonic trip towards an instant classic!
Dimensions: Full length 12" LP, 11 songs
Materials: Vinyl album


(PIlsen/ Little Village)

Sonorama is a Chicago-based DJ collective that is known for energizing dance floors and sound waves with a unique blend of vintage Latin sounds. Founded in 2010 by Charly Garcia and brothers Edgar and Marlowe Baca, Sonorama is a group of insatiable diggers and lovers of mus­ic on vinyl. In early 2015 the trio launched the debut of Sonorama Discos, marking their interest in seeking and releasing contemporary bands and music with similar leanings to Latin America’s sonic past and an ear for fresh approaches to that tradition. When the guys aren’t busy DJing an event, you can catch their selections via podcasts, the occasional playlist or you might just run into them at your local record store.