Secured Immaterial Forms: Sketchbook #1 Joseph Josué Mora

Joseph Josue Mora

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This is one of 6 sketchbooks Mora made using screen prints that were not included in editions of Secured Immaterial Form #1 and Encouraged Egress #1 prints. In this sketchbook he cut out the texture of the structure depicted in the print to recreate the shape of it, and use it as the first cover of the sketchbook.

Dimension: 4.75in x 5in 
Material: 48 pages handmade saddle stapled sketchbook with screen printed cover
Joseph Josué Mora
(McKinley Park)
Joseph Josué Mora is a Mexican born and Chicago raised artist whose work frequently highlights immigration issues, unseen labor and social disenfranchisement. The concepts he creates as DACA-mented artist depicts the nuances of coexisting in both the United States and the art world with a politicized identity. Mora uses his career, as a gallery worker, and qualities from Minimalism and Conceptualism to create his work. He identifies gestures in his art making process, like removing tape from a surface, to communicate and question the parallels of the bureaucratic processes and spaces Mora exists in.