Radical Visibility: A Queercrip Dress Reform Movement Manifesto zine

Rebirth Garments

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Feeling confident in one’s outward appearance can revolutionize one’s emotional and political reality, thus, Rebirth Garments and the Radical Visibility Zine works in tandem as a way to nurture a community of people who have often been excluded from mainstream fashion and provide a platform for people to confidently express pride in the intersections of their identities. Rebirth Garments challenges beauty standards that center cisgender, heterosexual, white, thin, able bodied/minded people, by using the ideology of Radical Visibility as a guide and centering queer and disabled people of all sizes, ethnicities and ages. Radical Visibility is an unapologetic refusal to assimilate, a claim to our bodies, and a celebratory insistence on highlighting the parts of us that society typically shuns.

Dimensions: 8 X 10.5"
Materials: Glossy magazine

Rebirth Garments 

Sky Cubacub is a non-binary queer and disabled Filipinx human from Chicago, IL. They are the creator of Rebirth Garments a line of wearables for the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability. They are the editor of the Radical Visibility Zine, a magazine for queer and disabled people of all ages.