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Drawn from far too much time on Discord and just in time to steal our white collar work, Pprommptt (pronounced 'Prompt') magazine, full of inspired ai artists and their creations, has launched. With Skynet no longer a twinkle in our eyes, this rorschachian-ly radical collection of internet weirdos, digital wizards and aspiring savants brings together a virtual smorgasbord of creatives dabbling in the accelerating world of prompts, image making, art creation and photographic tomfoolery. We invite you to dip your eyeballs in these wild waters and enjoy Issue Number One. Featuring: AI.S.A.M, TheArtomaton, Doo Doo, Jess MacCormack, Chaz Windus, Pancake360, Midnite On Mars, Space TV Show and Hal Sagan. 
Dimensions: Tabloid size, 289mm x 380mm, 64 pages
Materials: Full color on bright white recycled paper


Public Media Institute

PMI is a non-profit 501(c) 3 community based, art & culture organization located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport. Their mission is to create, incubate and sustain innovative cultural programming through the production of socially engaged projects, festivals, spaces, exhibitions, and media. PMI has published several periodicals including Proximity Magazine, the international arts and culture journal, as well as Lumpen magazine, Materiel Magazine, and Mash Tun Journal. Their main exhibition facility is the experimental cultural center, Co-Prosperity: a 5,000 + sq ft visual arts and performance space that is also home to Lumpen Radio WPLN/105.5 FM. The Buddy store is the newest arm of the PMI non-profit.