Anushka Agarwal

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‘Pi||ar’ uses bold shapes to create a visually heavy base that still allows for visual balance with a considered amount of space between the two bases. While the stool in its entirety is very wide, the seat itself is a smaller defined space. The bulkiness of the bases is contrasted by the almost floating disposition of the seat. The pill shape is a form that Agarwal gravitates towards very often, and the post modernism inspired, almost brutalistic bases elevate that shape by acting as a pedestal.

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Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 17.625"
Materials: Plywood, White Oak

Anushka Agarwal
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Anushka Agarwal is a Chicago based designer, who creates domestic objects mainly in wood and ceramics. Whether it is interaction as play or build, her objects demand a level of engagement from the user, which is complimented by her use of bold shapes and tactile elements. A lot of her ideas stem from the physical environment she observes and conversations with the people she meets.