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Parc is inspired by a German comic opera and drawn from scale architectural models built by the author. Starring Theresa, the quintuplets. The cat, the physical therapist, and the subtenant. Sophie, her father, her brother, and the dog. Each lives under different constraints with distinct personalities and in a variety of spaces within the park. We, voyeuristically, zoom into and come to understand each. Violence and despair are portrayed casually, with humor and irreverence, but the contrast between the grave content of the panels and the levity in the way they are drawn creates friction that underscores Gordon’s social critique. Things are messy, there are consequences. And yet, there is hope, resilience, caring, beauty, and art.
Dimensions: 6 × 7.6"
Materials: Paperback


2dcloud is a publisher of comic books, graphic novels and artist books based in Chicago, founded by Maggie Umber and Raighne Hogan in 2007. It is a different kind of label. Its structure is horizontal and peer-oriented. Artist and publisher work together as equals to create books which are extensions of the artist rather than products of commerce. The results are strange, complex, and unprecedentedly beautiful.