Ornament by Hubert Posey

Arts of Life

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Made by Hubert Posey.

As a non-verbal artist, Hubert utilizes his art-making process as a tool for connection and communication with others. With the help of support staff and volunteers, Hubert builds multidimensional sculptures, amassing an array of materials collected from around the studio. His additive method of layering creates finished objects that are otherworldly. He can often be found laughing as he paints, opening himself up to the world around him and to the community of the studio. Hubert’s process is so intrinsically linked with his own personal exploration that his progress is a beautiful thing to observe. Born in Chicago in 1964, Posey’s work was recently included in Out 2021 at Galerie C.O.A. in Montreal, Do U Dig at Good Weather, and previously in In Good Company at the Chicago Cultural Center and All Well and Good at Circle Contemporary, among other exhibitions.
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3"
Materials: Foam, fabric, sequins, string, and hot glue

Arts of Life
(West Fulton Market)

Arts of Life is a non-profit founded in 2000 with a shared vision: to create a working, person-centric, artistic community while providing a work environment of equality in Chicago. For artists at Arts of Life, a career in the visual arts is an opportunity for meaningful employment. Each artist has their own studio space and works independently from individualized project plans or receives 1:1 visual arts facilitation to increase their artistic skill set. Artists earn a monthly stipend for participation in the program with eligibility to receive bonuses based on personal annual art sales. They represent over 60 artists with varying levels of physical and intellectual disabilities.