Never Step in the Same River Twice: The South Branch of the Chicago River Across Time and Space

Annie Howard

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"Never Step in the Same River Twice" is an exploration of the changing shape, role, and identity of the South Branch of the Chicago River. Historically the natural connector between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River systems, several centuries of colonialism have remade the river as to make it unrecognizable in many ways. While generations of industrial use of have made the river highly polluted, portions of the South Branch are today a part of the city's vision for future pedestrian use, tied to megadevelopment projects like the 78 and more accessible public spaces like Ping Tom Park. Using historic images and planning documents, as well as present-day photos along the river's edge, "Never Step in the Same River Twice" narrates the changing fate of this vital waterway, attentive to the water's essential nature: perpetual change.
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5''
Materials: Paper

Annie Howard

Annie Howard is a freelance journalist and housing organizer based in Chicago.