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In 2017, after the passing of his father, musician and “minor 80s cult figure” Bruce George Wingate moved from Danbury, Connecticut to Central Florida to assist his 84-year-old mom. Not long after landing in The Sunshine State, Wingate began to post regular MOM UPDATES on Facebook detailing their conversations and life together. This booklet compiles a near complete collection of these status updates from the last few years.

Bruce George Wingate was one of the guitarists in the influential New Jersey hardcore band Adrenalin O.D. He has since played in The Brunch Mummies, New Reagans, The Earls of Sandwich, and Total Dick among other groups. His mom happily consented to the publication of these musings and exchanges and specifically chose Cherry as the optimal paper color for the cover. She is looking forward to sharing the booklet with her friends.

Note that due to Bruce’s mom’s love of crime stories, this booklet comes with a trigger warning for rape, gender violence, infant mortality, gun violence, vehicular manslaughter, and the macabre in general.

This publication is preceded by five similarly-designed Public Collectors booklets that draw on texts from internet sources, featuring content that may soon disappear from view or has limited public access. Those publications are: GRAVE PLOTS (2019), SOLD AS BLANK / POSSIBLE LOST MEDIA (2019), STRETCH IS STILL SOFT (2018), 54 HITS FROM HELL by Blake Edwards (2018), and MATALICA TICKETS (2017).

By Temporary Services and Emily Larned, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Sarah Nicholls, Gato Negro Ediciones, Paul John, George Wietor, Karin DeJong / PrintRoom
Temporary Services, Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL, 2022

Building on our previous publications like Book Waste Book, Self-Reliance Library and What Problems Can Artist Publishers Solve? we invited 7 artist publishers to reflect on their experiences of waste in the making of their books. They describe problems they faced in the past and are working to avoid in the future, lessons learned, changes they are making or have made to make their work less wasteful, interesting things they do with waste materials, and tips or tricks to have a less ecologically damaging publishing practice.

We are thrilled by the texts written by each contributor. They are honest, informative, thoughtful, and demystify a hidden aspect of publishing that is always present and rarely discussed in an open way.

Each booklet includes two sheets of bound-in overprinted book waste provided by Paul John of Endless Editions and Temporary Services, making each copy slightly different and unique.

Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5
Material:  RISO on paper 

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