Metal Printed Denim


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For this capsule collection for Buddy, each garment has been sourced from secondhand retailers in Chicago and the midwest. Many of these garments have undergone dye processes using natural material from the local landscape including grasses, mosses, fruits, and mud.

The two pairs of pants are made from three pairs of reclaimed denim and printed with iron, copper, and aluminum - the three most prominent materials in the iphone. Each pair undergoes a rust and patina treatment to imagine how these materials will change over time as they respond to the natural environment. Details including hand printed leather patches, epoxy buttons imprinted with electronic waste, and a miniature concrete cairn imagine a point in the future where the waste of the present is fossilized.
Dimensions: Variable
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Nick D’Alessandro’s work investigates the aesthetics of a human experience where the mind and body are just as responsive - if not more - to digital space/time. Systems of portable technology and fashion are parallel, and disposed on independent timelines by design, yet their epitome is entirely dependent on their site: the body. Products made under Nick’s business, WWWYRED, recover discarded histories embedded in garments and reimagine their context in a digital space.