Labyrinth - Issue No. 3

Lucky Jefferson

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Enjoy a copy of the Summer 2020 issue, Labyrinth.
This isn’t your normal literary journal. Enjoy an interactive journal full of vibrant poetry, reflective activities, writing inspiration, and more.
Featuring work by these 29 international writers:
Q.M., Samantha Terrell, S. Michael Kozubek, Jamie O’Reilly, Akhim Alexis, Justin Lokossou, Anthony Cordasco, Christina Dudley, Kara Douglass Thom, Shereen Asha Murugayah, Angus MacCaull, Dianalee Velie, John Mungiello, Douglas Macdonald, Arianna Sebo, John McMullen, Charlotte Hughes, Bryanne Lane, Jared Pearce, Zachary Snyder Smith, Ariana Moulton, Charity Morris, Connor Orrico, Patricia Bassel, Marianne Lyon, Bruce Parker, Bernie Silver, & Katharyn Machan.
6 x 9", 38 pages
Materials: Paperback book

Lucky Jefferson
(South Loop)

Lucky Jefferson publishes literature that highlights refreshing contemporary perspectives and promotes cultural diversity while fostering inclusive creativity.
But Lucky Jefferson isn’t your typical literary journal—they generate constructive and interactive conversations around poetry, art, and publishing and redefine the way journals are produced and shared with readers and writers.
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