Issue 01 - Auctoritas, Spring 2017

Contango Journal

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Auctoritas is a form of authority that is created primarily through an individual’s charisma. In politics, it is what remains when law is wholly suspended. If left unchecked, it can become a self appointed legitimacy so powerful that neither reason nor fact can change its direction.

Our levels of power, privilege, opportunity and influence are borne from our relation to the hegemony. Subverting or actualizing that relation takes engagement and examination, more so when those in command succumb to fiction.

For its first issue, Contango has sourced works from writers and artists who deal with social and political power relations. Specifically, their explorations through theory and praxis provide critical forms of consideration and implementation.
Dimensions: 6.75 x 4.5"
Materials: Full-color booklet

Contango Journal
(Humbolt Park)

Contango is a Chicago-based journal founded in 2016. We invite writers, artists, and activists to critically address current social issues. Rooted in economic discourse, Contango aims to rethink our relationship to systems of authority and explore potential futures in order to better understand the realities we inhabit today. In an economy where information is power, access and privilege must be questioned as a means for capital gain.