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Immunity: Packed with immuno-modulant and adaptogenic herbs, Immunity Potion offers a daily tonic formula which helps to build immune health from the inside out, promote increased energy levels, and encourage a vibrant sense of presence. A tonic that braces us for anything the modern world throws at us, Immunity Potion can help us to navigate the varied realms of stress and pollution that are all too familiar to urban and rural dwellers alike. Take with attention, and go forth into the day!
To use: as a daily tonic, take 1-2 dropper-fuls 2-3 times per day

Ingredients: Astragalus Root, Elderberry, Eleuthero Root, Linden Flower, Ashwagandha Root, Raspberry Leaf, Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water 

Dayworld: With a combination of stimulating and central nervous system supporting herbs, Dayworld Tonic will help to clear the fog and promote memory, lucidity, and focus. In the long term, these herbs will help to support sustainable energy levels without the a crash, while orienting your day towards a focused and present flow.
Take 1-2 dropperfuls (2ml) 2-3 times per day by mouth or in a splash of water.
In context: Use this tincture as a daily tonic, throughout the day, with your vitamins, as an alternative to caffeine, in your travel bag, or at home for sustainable energy and focus.

Gotu Kola leaf, Lemon Balm leaf, Rhodiola root, Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaf & flower, Orange peel, Rosemary leaf, Organic Cane Alcohol, spring water.

Underworld: Everyone has their own bedtime ritual. Underworld Potion is formulated as an ally to initiate you into a place of rest and renewal and to guide you through the depths of the underworld. A small amount supports a necessary unwinding from the day’s productive work and encourages a reflective transition into the realm of sleep, where we can turn away from the news of the world to steep in the dreamtime of the cosmos.
Before bed, 10-20 drops for a light initiation or 1-3 dropperfuls to encourage restful sleep. As the quality of sleep varies for every person, the dosage of this potion can also vary from person to person. Experiment with what works for you.
In context: Keep this tincture on your nightstand, to take before bed, to unwind at night, or keep in your bag to take in moments of intensity and stress.

Ingredients: Passionflower, Skullcap leaf & flower, Valerian root, Chamomile flower, fresh Milky Oat seed, Mugwort leaf & flower, Organic Cane Alcohol, spring water. 

Heartland Tonic: Formulated to nourish and support the heart’s functions and flourishing, while easing our response to everyday stress. We consider this tonic a go-to for encouraging a life lived from the heart.
Considerations: There is a very small amount of cayenne pepper that acts as a catalyst for this formula and also offers a gentle spice kick. Avoid if sensitive to spice heat. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Consult with your primary healthcare practitioner before use if you are currently taking cardioactive drugs.

Ingredients: Hawthorn berry, Motherwort, fresh Milky Oat seed, Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaf & flower, Schisandra berry, Cayenne pepper, Organic Cane Alcohol, spring water


Reishi: Extract is a complete tincture that combines the full spectrum of active mushroom constituents for the most potent potion possible. Reishi is known as ling zhi, meaning, “spirit plant” or “tree of life mushroom” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Considered warming, astringent, nourishing, detoxifying, and tonifying, Reishi offers adaptogenic properties that support the body’s response to both internal and external stressors while deeply nourishing and building immunity from the inside out. Reishi is a mushroom of longevity and nourishment. As such, it is to be taken as a daily tonic over longer periods of time, during which, one can come to experience first-hand the enduring allyship of human and fungus as the reishi subtly supports, nourishes, and accompanies us on our wild journey through life. To use: as a daily tonic, take 1-2 dropperfuls 1-3 times per day

Ingredients: Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water

Turkey Tail: A wonder to encounter in the woods, this widely distributed and beautiful mushroom is a powerhouse immune tonic. Turkey Tail mushroom offers a wide spectrum of beneficial properties that are essential for supporting our body’s natural immunity and microbiome. Use this tincture as a daily tonic, throughout the day, with your vitamins, in your travel bag, or at home for immunity and microbiome support. To use: as a daily tonic, take 2-3 dropperfuls 1-3 times per day

Ingredients: Turkey Tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor), Organic Cane Alcohol, spring water.

Lion's Mane: Lion’s Mane mushroom provides nourishment for the brain by supporting brain cells and nerve growth. Promotes mental clarity, focus, and memory, while supporting immune function. Use this tincture as a daily tonic, throughout the day, with your vitamins, as an alternative to caffeine, in your travel bag, or at home for sustainable focus and clarity. To use: as a daily tonic, take 2-3 dropperfuls 1-3 times per day.

Ingredients: Organically grown Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), Organic Cane Alcohol, spring water.


Apiary Bitters: Offers a curious combination of floral and aromatic herbs to encourage healthy digestion and promote balanced immunity while softening the harsh edges of our body's response to seasonal allergies. Keep these bitters close at hand to ensure your spring and summer adventures don't get bogged down by the effects of everyday allergies.

Ingredients: Nettle leaf, goldenrod tops, burdock root, reishi mushroom, red clover, artichoke leaf, willow bark, wild bee balm, honey, organic cane alcohol, spring water. 

Dimensions: 1.5 x 4.75", 2 oz.
Materials: Made with organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs from small farms we trust.

First Curve Apothecary
(Logan Square)

First Curve is a small, local community apothecary comprised of two people: Alex and Stef. They offer place-based herbal preparations that integrate and reflect the overlapping ecologies of body and place including herbal tinctures, bitters, mushroom extracts, and teas that use locally sourced herbs rooted in the Great Lakes Bioregion. Each preparation is formulated and handmade by community herbalist and teacher, Alex Williams in Logan Square, Chicago.