Immunity Tonic

First Curve Apothecary

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Packed with immuno-modulant and adaptogenic herbs, Immunity Potion offers a daily tonic formula which helps to build immune health from the inside out, promote increased energy levels, and encourage a vibrant sense of presence. A tonic that braces us for anything the modern world throws at us, Immunity Potion can help us to navigate the varied realms of stress and pollution that are all too familiar to urban and rural dwellers alike. Take with attention, and go forth into the day!
To use: as a daily tonic, take 1-2 dropper-fuls 2-3 times per day
Dimensions: 1.5 x 4.75", 4.4 oz.
Materials: Astragalus Root, Elderberry, Eleuthero Root, Linden Flower, Ashwagandha Root, Raspberry Leaf, Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water

First Curve Apothecary
(Logan Square)

First Curve is a small, local community apothecary comprised of two people: Alex and Stef. They offer place-based herbal preparations that integrate and reflect the overlapping ecologies of body and place including herbal tinctures, bitters, mushroom extracts, and teas that use locally sourced herbs rooted in the Great Lakes Bioregion. Each preparation is formulated and handmade by community herbalist and teacher, Alex Williams in Logan Square, Chicago.