Imagination Journals

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange

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Imagination Journals are made by CCRx from our wide variety of donated paper to create a journal that inspires personal expression - writing, drawing, lyrics, poems - whatever you can imagine! Each is unique and hand assembled with care.
Dimensions: Large: 8.5 x 11" , Medium: 6.5 x 9", 50 blank pages
Materials: Specialty recycled paper cover, cardboard backing

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx)
(Auburn Gresham)


The Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRx) is a 501c3 nonprofit that solicits donations of surplus materials, equipment and supplies for teachers and non-profit organizations. They promote creativity and environmental stewardship with a goal to educate and empower the public to reduce waste, rethink surplus, and share through creative reuse programming, events and workshops. They believe "trash is just a failure of imagination."