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Here is the first book to focus on Hudson(1950-2014), the legendary "artists' dealer" behind the storied gallery Feature Inc.

Active in Chicago from 1984-88, and in New York City from 1988-2014, Feature operated ahead of its time, notably presenting the early work of such significant artists as Tom Friedman, Jeff Koons, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, Charles Ray, and Kay Rosen, and groundbreaking queer exhibitions by Tom of Finland and G.B.

Jones. In the course of showing a remarkable group of artists over 30 years, Hudson maintained a disciplined approach, driven by his singular taste and eye. By sidestepping the art world's expectations, he challenged the operating principles of other commercial galleries, privileging uncertainty, plurality, and generosity above the business of art.

Comprising 35 interviews with Hudson's artists, collectors, colleagues, and friends, this book is an intimate portrait of a complex man and the vehicle through which he focused his convictions. Also included are written remembrances and over 40 images, many shared for the first time. Published on the tenth anniversary of Hudson's death, Hello We Were Talking About Hudson is a celebration of a true believer and a record of the outsized impact he had on those around him and culture at large.
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7", 209 pages
Materials: Full color board book

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