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Rebel Betty

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An art and poetry zine expressing the love and struggle of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. This zine features color collages and poetry by AfroBoricua artist Rebel Betty. The images and poetry tell the stories of oppressed peoples cultural resilience.

Dimensions: 8.5” x 5.5”
Materials:  Full Color Zine on Glossy Cardstock


Rebel Betty

Rebel Betty is an AfroIndigenous Puerto Rican poet, multidisciplinary artist and cultural worker based in Chicago.

Rebel is using a multidisciplinary approach to depict the magic and movement of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities and to trace back ancestral forms of resistance and culture through storytelling and archiving moments in history.

Her visual art, organizing and cultural work center on the preservation of culture in Black and brown communities through facilitated dialogue, poetry, music, education and the arts. Rebels visual art makes use of historical archives and contemporary photography to create colorful and impactful multimedia collages and videos that speak truth to power and document the power and beauty of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

Themes in Rebels work are gentrification, decolonization and honoring Black and Indigenous struggles for liberation and healing through connection to the past.