The Courtroom Artist Residency Report: Residencies #13-16 by Marc Fischer & Contributors

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The fourth collection of reports from Public Collectors' meal-based artist residency that brings artists to observe Criminal Court in Chicago, followed by a meal and discussion.For this residency program, artists and creative workers are invited to observe approximately three hours of court proceedings with Marc Fischer of Public Collectors at Cook County Criminal Court on 2650 S. California in Chicago. Featured in this booklet are discussions with Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Lucas Reif, Salome Chasnoff and Tom Burtonwood. Imani Elizabeth Jackson and I observe a judge that turns out to be the same man that is hearing her brother's ongoing court case. With Lucas Reif we get to experience an evacuation drill that forces everyone to stand outside of the court building in the rain, only to have to pass through the metal detector a second time when it's over.We also observe a hearing for a CPD officer who is charged with sexually assaulting a man who was on suicide watch. Finally, Tom Burtonwood and I observe three courtrooms which Tom draws and turns into a composite of the trio. Over lunch we discuss the architecture and material qualities of these spaces. with Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Lucas Reif, Salome Chasnoff and Tom Burtonwood
Dimensions: 7 X 8.5", 40 pages
Materials: Softcover book


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