The Courtroom Artist Residency Report: Residencies #1-4 by Marc Fischer with Contributors

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The first collection of reports from Public Collectors' meal-based artist residency that brings artists to observe Criminal Court in Chicago, followed by a meal and discussion. The Courtroom Artist Residency Report collects accounts of the first four residencies. These reports provide a space for the residents and Fischer to talk about their experience and share reflections, notes, and drawings related to their residency. Featured in this booklet are discussions with Peggy Pierrot, Wes Janz (who contributes an additional essay), Salem Collo-Julin, and Dmitry Samarov—who made a number of drawings during his residency. Together the residents observed a number of challenging cases including the murder trial of former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, and a hearing for Gerald Reed who was convicted of a murder he did not commit 28 years ago, after a forced confession made after being tortured by police working under Detective Jon Burge. Peggy Pierrot, Wes Janz, Salem Collo-Julin, and Dmitry Samarov
Dimensions: 7 X 8.5", 32 pages
Materials: Softcover book


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