Fwd: Museums Journal - Alien, 2018

Fwd: Museums Journal

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Aliens and alienation are ever present tropes in our culture, our politics, and our lives. This issue of Fwd: Museums tell stories of estrangement and inclusion, of museums expanding beyond their walls and opening themselves to those who have been unwelcome, of museums failing to do either of these things, of institutions that must revolutionize their missions and practices, and of the workers and visitors who will make that happen. "Alien" includes provocative critiques, celebrations, hidden histories, and manifestos exploring otherness, other world, and other possibilities. Edited by Therese Quinn & Lauren De Jesus, published 2018 ISBN: 9780980230093
Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75", 217 pages
Materials: Softcover book


Fwd: Museums Journal
(University Village)

Fwd: Museums strives to create a space for challenging, critiquing, and providing alternative modes of thinking and production within and outside of museums.​ It is produced and edited annually by graduate students from the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Museum and Exhibition Studies Program and published by Chicago-based StepSister Press.