Fisiticuffs! Card Game

Kevin Reader

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In an alternate 1920s, an eclectic collection of the world's greatest fighters find themselves pitted against each other by the magnanimous Baron Reginald Fistcuffington Smythe aboard his monolithic floating airship. Baron Smythe, inventor of the new super-element hydrolium, offers the winner of "His Majesty's Fisticuffs Bouts" the granting of a single wish, whatever their heart desires most. The surviving fighter will become the new champ and get their wish fulfilled!

Fisticuffs! is a free-for-brawl fighting card game created by The Nerdologues, a bunch of people you don't know but could totally be friends with. Four to six players engage in constant head-to-head (-to-head-to-head) combat until the frenzy peaks and one player emerges victorious.