Jeff Swanson

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Chicago-based guitarist/composer, Jeff Swanson, continues to focus the energies of his ambitious Case-fitter project on his second recording as a leader, Fathoms. Released on CD and digital album from BACE Records on February 28th, 2020, Swanson's ten original compositions enchant listeners with their unique voice and textural approach. The album features Paul Bedal on keyboards, Matt Ulery on electric bass, Greg Artry on Drums and percussion with Dustin Laurenzi on Tenor Saxophone and Greg Ward on Alto Saxophone. Fathoms creates a fresh boundless sound that seamlessly incorporates the worlds of jazz, rock, electronic music and chamber ensembles. A sum of its parts, the band flawlessly breathes life into Swanson's compositions on this dynamic recording date featuring some of Chicago's most unique and engaging musicians. Original artwork by Jeff Swanson. 
Dimensions: 5.5 x 5"
Materials: 4-panel digipack CD case

Jeff Swanson

Guitarist Jeff Swanson has made his unique voice and open mind a valued part of Chicago’s diverse music scene. A strong player in many disciplines, he has been featured at the Chicago Jazz Festival, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Iowa City Jazz Festival, Chicago Gospel Festival. Find music, concert dates and more at www.jeffswansonmusic.com and on social media @Jswansongs