Edge of Sundown

Jennifer Worrell

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While penning his last novel, an aging author discovers his dystopian conspiracy is anything but fiction. As he digs into violence plaguing his adopted home of Chicago, he uncovers disturbing similarities between his work in progress and a life he thought he left behind. Soon his fictional extremists are not only real, they’re intent on ensuring his book never sees the light of day. His last chance to revive his career and reconcile the past could get him—and the people he loves—killed.
Dimensions: 8 × 5"
Materials: Paperback

Jennifer Worrell
(Irving Park)

Jennifer Worrell got hooked on writing stories in kindergarten using mimeographed prompts. Her supplier, Mrs. Davenport, kept a stash of the Purple Monster handy for a quick fix. Though she kicked the habit for a short time, Jenny's writing problem has spiraled out of control. But don't worry. She can quit whenever she wants to.
You can find more information about her and her stories on her website, social media, Goodreads, the ushe via Linktr.ee/JenniferWorrell.