Chicago Etchings Cards

Dennis B. O'Malley

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Set of 8 note cards made from Dennis B. O'Malley's etchings of Chicago landscapes
Dimensions: Pack of 8 cards and envelope,
 5 x 4.5" or 6.5 x 5"
Materials: 8 cards, Envelopes 80# stock

Dennis B. O'Malley
(Lincoln Square)

Dennis B. O’Malley specializes in intaglio printmaking, etching, and aquatint with chine collé and hand coloring. These practices make his unique style. His subject matter is urban images and cityscapes of the city of Chicago. O’Malley’s goal is to create Chicago Art that is identified and understood by an audience that can appreciate these locations.  The images should bring about a smile and a memory. O’Malley grew up on the city’s North Side near the lake and spent his early years with the lakefront high rises and neighborhood parks as a backdrop.  His pastime included pen and ink or pencil drawings of these scenes.  As an admitted lifelong lover of the city of Chicago, he has always been interested in demonstrating that fondness through his art. In 1995, O’Malley was introduced to printmaking and the artists at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, especially Deborah Maris Lader, Margaret Buchen, and Duffy O’Connor. Printmaking in all forms became his focus and he has been working at the Collaborative ever since, focusing on Chicago scenes and those limitless possibilities. O’Malley’s work is displayed at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative in Lincoln Square, and L. Marion Gallery in Wilmette. He is also represented at Sawbridge Studios in Glenview, Masterpiece Framing + Imaging on Main Street in Evanston, and at the Tall Grass Arts Association in Park Forest, Illinois.