You Can Say That Again

5 x 7

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English is a funny language. So many silly expressions and phrases that fill our everyday chatter. This book is an homage to popular idioms, sayings and ideas rooted in American culture—a series of typographic puzzles that challenge the reader to connect the dots. As a designer and artist, I’m constantly exploring ways to distill concepts and language into forms that provoke a little wink and smirk in the viewer. Bringing the common or ubiquitous off the shelf and into a new light.
Dimensions: Always 5 x 7", 32 pages
Materials: Risograph printed on Mohawk Keaykolour

5 x 7
(Northern Suburbs)

5x7 publishes limited edition, 5x7 inch artists' books. They collaborate with artists, designers and illustrators from all over the world to challenge and enliven the format.