Clark Street

Tom Palazzolo

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"Chicago seemed like an ideal mix of old and new, though it was mostly the old that interested me...Places that had a past and a story to tell." These are words spoken by Tom Palazzolo in his 2000 movie Down Clark Street. In it, Tom revisits the area where he lived throughout the '60s to show us how things had changed--from "then" to "now." It was Tom's photographs of "then" in the movie that inspired this book. Along with some of his own words, they are presented here, not as an illustrated history, but as a personal collection of street photography. Published 2019
ISBN: 9780578506
Dimensions8 x 8.5", 114 pages
Materials: Softcover book

Tom Palazzolo
(Oak Park)

Tom Palazzolo is an experimental filmmaker, photographer, and painter. From St. Louis, Missouri, Palazzolo moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1960 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Palazzolo is most known for his Chicago-centric documentary films.