Boarded Up Chicago: Storefront Images Days After the George Floyd Riots

Chris Slaughter

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During the first half of 2020, Americans endured the COVID_19 Crisis, quarantine, massive loss of lives and historic unemployment. Then the death of George Floyd, yet another unarmed black man, dead at the hands of police became too much for the citizens to bear. The people rioted across the country, property was looted and destroyed. Soon store owners would board up their looted or vulnerable businesses. Afterward, the local artist used those blank wooden boards as canvases to express themselves. This book with over 200 color photographs, specifically arranged to tell our collective story, resulted. Welcome to...Boarded Up Chicago.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11", 215 pages
Materials: Softcover, full color

Christopher & Zachary Slaughter
(South Shore)

Boarded Up Chicago is the brainchild of Chicago Attorney Christopher Slaughter and his 14 year old son Zachary. Using money he received from his 8th grade graduation, Zach purchased himself a camera. However due to the pandemic he had only taken pictures around his home. Chris decided it was time for him and Zach to get out the house. He remembered seeing some interesting artwork on some recently boarded-up businesses in his neighborhood. So father and set our on a journey. They didn't know that journey would lead them to capturing a piece of history.