Baby Rattle

Chris Wooten

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A little rattle. A captive ring on a turned spindle. Makes a gentle clacking clack when you shake it.
Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 1"
Materials: Wood from a kitchen chair leg

Chris Wooten
(Humboldt Park)

One day, I was walking through the ally and I saw an old dresser leaning against a dumpster. It was scratched and dented, coming unglued from itself, missing a drawer and painted a hideous green. It was too far gone to rehab, but I could see that, beneath the destruction, there was some really nice wood. I thought, maybe???...I could make something new out of it. I loaded it onto a dolly, pushed it home, cut it into pieces, planed off the paint, glued the pieces back together and put it on the lathe. I thought the results turned out pretty good, so now I have a new mission in life.