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Radical Documents

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Formed through a complex web of friendships in and out of the improvised music scene and contemporary art world B.C.F.W are bonded by a common love of musical exploration. In 2018 they all made arrangements to meet in New York City. The fruits of this meeting are the freaked out jazz tracks contained on this album. Melted and dreamy reeds, gurgling synths, clattering drums, and silky guitar weave in and out of each other in an electrifying dance. It is a jazz album… but one that is at the further reaches of composition and expectation. B.C.F.W is Andrew Barker (synthesizer and cello) Daniel Carter (tenor sax, soprano sax, and trumpet), Pat Foley (guitar), and Fritz Welch (drums).
Dimensions: 12", LP
Materials: Vinyl

Radical Documents
(Humboldt Park)

Radical Documents was started in 2017 by artist Matthew Clifford Green. Originally based in Los Angeles. They moved to Chicago in the spring of 2021. The label focuses on unique, experimental, and obscure sounds from a wide range of artists spanning the globe.