ATM - Inglewood Tapes Vol. 3

Radical Documents

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The third installment of Inglewood Tapes is finally here! Across sides A and B art rockers ATM explore songs about persistent heat, crowds, Germany, lost loves, sickness, teenage lust, and record hunting (to name a few)… in addition to a slew of killer instrumental jams. It’s reassuring to hear that ATM is still towing the line with the obscure and cult jams you’ve come to love.
Dimensions: 12", LP
Materials: Vinyl

Radical Documents
(Humboldt Park)

Radical Documents was started in 2017 by artist Matthew Clifford Green. Originally based in Los Angeles. They moved to Chicago in the spring of 2021. The label focuses on unique, experimental, and obscure sounds from a wide range of artists spanning the globe.