Angelo’s Ashes -or- To Live and Die in L.A. by Marc Fischer

Half Letter Press

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Public Collectors booklet #67, for those who have been counting. The interior text, which is alternately irreverent, painful, funny, and angry, is probably better experienced as a surprise so this listing is deliberately short on scans. From the back cover:
ANGELO’S ASHES -OR- TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. tells the story of how I handled the end of life arrangements for my friend Angelo. This booklet consists of a series of Facebook posts that I made in the months following Angelo’s death. I learned of his death from his landlord who had my phone number because I was Angelo’s emergency contact. Angelo did not leave a will and had no next of kin.
5.5 x 8.5", 14 pages
Materials: Softcover book

Half Letter Press

Half Letter Press is a publishing imprint and online store initiated by Temporary Services—Brett Bloom & Marc Fischer, who have published booklets as an element of their collaborative work since 1998. Half Letter Press was created to publish and distribute book and booklet length works by themselves and others, and to use this endeavor to build long-term support and expanded audiences for people that work creatively in experimental ways.