A Roundtable, Unanimous Dreamers Chime In

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In a spacious unending-unfolding, various narrators impact one another in a process of metamorphosis. Ecologically minded and perpetually in motion, sequences of occurrence crest and flow and pool in awareness. The interspecies protagonists of this novel persist in a looking glass biome of reality. Written collaboratively in a veritable hypnotic state by Janice Lee and Brenda Iijima, consciousness merges symbiotically and telepathically.

Janice Lee (she/they) is a Korean American writer, teacher, spiritual scholar, and shamanic healer. She is the author of 7 books of fiction, creative nonfiction & poetry, most recently Imagine a Death (Texas Review Press, 2021) and Separation Anxiety (CLASH Books, 2022). An essay (co-authored with Jared Woodland) is featured in the recently released 4K restoration of Sátántangó (dir. Béla Tarr) from Arbelos Films. She currently lives in Portland, OR where she is the Operational Creative Director at Corporeal Writing and an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Portland State University. // Brenda Iijima is a poet, novelist, playwright, choreographer and visual artist. She is the author of nine books of poetry. Her involvements occur at the intersections and mutations of genre, mode, receptivity, and field of study. Her current work engages submerged and occluded histories, other-than-human modes of expression and telluric awareness in all forms. Her play, Daily Life in China is forthcoming from elis press in 2022, and her novel Presence is forthcoming from Georgia Review Press in 2023. Iijima is the founding editor-publisher of Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs. She lives in Brooklyn.
Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 1"
Materials: Hardcover book

Meekling Press


Meekling Press is a small “boundary defying” publisher, printer, and arts collective based in Chicago. We are a low-scale and DIT (Do It Together!) press. Many of our editions are handmade, partially printed on the letterpress, and/or hand-bound. We work in collaboration with our authors throughout the design and production process. We are not so interested in boundaries of genre, or in restrictions of length. What is more important is to find that sentence or that novel (etc) its most wonderful, thoughtfully-created nest.