A Little History of the Panorama by Matthew Cooperman and Simonetta Moro

Ursus Americanus Press

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Part poetry, part sketchbook, part archival document, Matthew Cooperman and Simonetta Moro's A Little History of the Panorama is a cohesive excavation of perspective. With the artist (Moro) providing breadth and the poet (Cooperman) providing depth, the collaborative nature of the book deconstructs and recontextualizes the subject so that the work itself becomes panoramic. A Brief History of the Panorama through its multifarious approach manages to alternately glimpse and gape both the academic history and the natural phenomena of ocular mechanics. The book, like the human eye, opens and closes, widens and thins, glosses and grasps, selects and stupefies; it is a functional poetics that obfuscates the past in order to clarify the present, just as memory is not the sum of all we have seen, but the fractured catalogue of what we committed.
Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.5"
Materials: 80# Felt cover, 60# body stock

Ursus Americanus Press

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