Yours by Margot Ferrick


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With Yours, the notions of art, poetry, and form collapse into one of the most singular approaches to comics in recent memory. Ferrick's intimate love letters read as both a confession and a seduction. Margot Ferrick is based in Chicago. Their work has appeared in numerous anthologies, as small-run editions with presses such as Sonatina and Perfectly Acceptable, and in galleries in Baltimore, Virginia, Chicago, Scotland, and San Francisco. Published 2016 ISBN: 9781937541248
Dimensions: 6.4 X 8.4", 140 pages
Materials: Softcover book


2dcloud is a publisher of comic books, graphic novels and artist books based in Chicago, founded by Maggie Umber and Raighne Hogan in 2007. It is a different kind of label. Its structure is horizontal and peer-oriented. Artist and publisher work together as equals to create books which are extensions of the artist rather than products of commerce. The results are strange, complex, and unprecedentedly beautiful.