Plates Issue 03: Body of Water

Plates: An experimental journal of art and culture

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Plates Issue 03: Body of Water investigates personal and collective bodies of water, how these bodies of water carry us, how we carry them within us, and how they may connect or else divide.
With contributions from Ebere Agwuncha, Ashleigh Taupaki, Mána Taylor Hjörleifsdóttir, Jonathan Kay and Connah Podmore, Gabriel Chalfin-Piney, and Jasmin Singh
Dimensions: 6 x 8.5"
Materials: Softcover magazine

Plates Journal
(Rogers Park)

Plates is an international journal with care for art, design, writing, and community in all facets of life, from the tectonic to the kitchen. The journal was founded in 2019 by Chicago-based artists Unyimeabasi Udoh and Casey Carsel and releases three themed issues each year.