Lumpen #135 - Togetherism

Public Media Institute

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Lumpen Magazine is a news and culture magazine featuring the work of emerging and established artists and writers. It features editorials, interviews, and reviews focused on current events and emerging cultural trends. Published monthly until 1998, it is now quarterly.
Togetherism examines creative experiments with horizontal, collective art-making and organizing. Work done in groups provokes us to consider other social forms than the established. Group work challenges conventions of value and authority in art and society.
In Fall 2019, Public Media Institute organized Togetherism, a series of programs experimenting with horizontal, collective art-making and organizing. Between August and November 2019, artist collectives and community leaders, criminalized youth and teen activists, radical printmakers, curators and architects gathered for exhibitions and panels, work- shops, and river tours. This magazine is the last and lasting component of the festival.

Featuring contributions by: Abigail Satinsky Annas Projects Keefer Dunn ArchiteXX members (Lori Brown, Andrea Merret,Sarah Rafson, & Roberta Washington) ATOM-r, in collaboration with Abraham Avnisan Camel Collective Chip Thomas, Roger Peet & Jess X. Snow Critical Art Ensemble Grace Needlman & Jeremy Kreusch Graham Livingston Industry of the Ordinary Justseeds Marimacha Monarca Press Netta Sadovsky and Fred Postcommodity Related Tactics Sarah Skaggs Schmidt-Arenales Brian Holmes Sex Militant TANTO Criações Compartilhadas Temporary Services Tracie Thompson & Tom Groom Videokaffe members (Tom Burtonwood, Sebastian Ziegler, and Mark Andreas) Willy Smart
Edited by: Marina Resende Santos with support from Mairead Case, Nora Catlin, Ed Marszewski & Maddy Stocking Nick Wylie Designed by: Jeremiah Chiu
Dimensions: 9.75 x 11.75"
Materials: Newsprint

Public Media Institute


Public Media Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3, community-based art & culture organization with a mission to create, incubate and sustain innovative and equitable cultural programming through it is our core programming platform: Lumpen Magazine, Co-Prosperity, Lumpen Radio, and Buddy, Enduring community partnerships, including those with Maria’s Community Bar, Kimski, and Marz Community Brewing bring expanded audiences for culture, journalism, and politics while helping us feed and celebrate with our neighbors.