7000 Marks Pencil

7000 Marks

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Artist-made pencil made from a Tanoak tree that dies from Sudden Oak Death. Harvested, kiln dried, processed into an edition of 500.
Dimensions: 7"
Materials: Tanoak wood

7000 Marks
(Hyde Park & City Wide)

7000 Marks takes a Sudden Oak Death infected Tanoak tree and transforms it into 7000 pencils. An outcome of global trade, the pathogen P. Ramorum (SOD) has migrated on nursery trees to the United States. Trees infected with SOD are prohibited from movement until processed and dried. This tightening of boundaries aids in oak conservation, but also echoes a rising tide of global nationalism and anti-immigration sentiment. The pencil is a tool that allows us to creatively consider cross-species migration, forced and prohibited, in an era of climate related disruption giving rise to boundary reinforcement on various scales. These artist made pencils are from a tanoak tree, kiln dried out of quaranteen.