Wood Block Neckpieces

Kang Mankey

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Bold, colorful, geometric, adjustable length, power accessories that punch up any look. Current inventory not pictuured, please message us for details. 
Dimentions: Adjustable

MaterialsWooden beads, paracord and bungee balls

Designs vary, please contact us at info@hi-buddy.org for options.


Kang Mankey
(Kilbourn Park)

Gurtie Hansell AKA Kangmankey is an interdisciplinary artist and designer of genderqueer streetwear based in Chicago. They subvert the expectation that so-called "gender neutral" clothing is all masculine coded some way. Instead, they put all gender expressions front and center for everyone to explore. A self-described Craft Store Goth, Gurtie creates "Gender Non-Specific Wearables for Your Gorgeous Spectrumful Ass!!!"