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Switch Grass Paper

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Pulp print was created by Switch Grass Paper. We are a nascent paper making studio located in Chicago. All proceeds from print sales will go to assisting with materials for our paper making workshops.
11 x 15" 
Materials: Colored Pulp

Switch Grass Paper

Aya Nakamura and Megan Diddie are Chicago based artists who became friends at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As their studio practices evolved, they started incorporating handmade paper and pulp into their work. Megan Diddie attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana for graduate school. During this time, she worked as a graduate research assistant at Fresh Press Laboratory, a papermaking studio founded by Eric Benson and Steve Kostell. Fresh Press explores different materials for papermaking and sustainable design practices. After graduate school, Megan introduced Aya to the studio and they began traveling together to access the equipment. The journey to the studio from Chicago is two hours one way. During these long drives, they began talking about how they could bring papermaking to Chicago. Switch Grass Paper is the idea born out of months of conversations about papermaking, prairie, land immersion, and art.